Nokia C1 & C2

Nokia C1 & C2 Features, Specification & Price :

Finally In Dual Sim World Nokia too Launched a Range Dual Sim Mobile Phone in Mobile Market.These new Phones are namely C1-00 (1750 INR) C1-01 (Rs. 2200) C1-02 (Rs 2500) and C2 (Rs. 2850) Don’t expect high features in these mobiles as they offer basic functionality like FM Radio, Color Screen, Flash Light and Send Messages.

Nokia C1-00 Features & Specification :
A phone that Simlyy used to make calls and send text messages, flashlight, FM radio and the main key factor is a super battery back up stand upto 6 weeks of use. The Estimated price in india is of Rs. 1750/- 

Nokia C1-01 and C1-02 Features & Specification : The C1-01 C1-02 Simlyy used to make calls & the C1-01 includes FM radio, microSD card slot and a VGA resolution camera. C1-02 well, with FM radio, microSD card slot and VGA camera,along with thisit is also has Bluetooth, Ovi Mail and Chat.

Nokia C2 Features & Specification :
Nokia C2 is range about Rs. 2850, double SIM, with features Ovi, Ovi Mail and Chat, FM radio, microSD card slot, VGA camera, Bluetooth and a battery that Nokia says stand up to 16.5 days of use.


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